• Horizontal texture is minimalistic and modern
  • Gentle, varied color with gray and pale pink gray options
  • The sole of the slippers is made of high-quality plastic, the feather inner lining is super smooth, giving a gentle feeling for the soles of the feet to facilitate blood circulation, bringing ease and comfort to the wearer, without causing foot pain.
  • With solid stitches, the product is machined in a detailed and meticulous manner.



  • Keeping the feet warm, creating comfort when moving;
  • Reducing friction, separating from the floor thus preventing from slipping while moving indoors;
  • Always keeping the feet clean, avoiding foot diseases;
  • Suitable to be used indoors and brought along to Spa...
  • Serving as a gift for a friend or relative;
  • Slippers can be washed comfortably without affecting the fabric surface.
  • Notes: Keeping away from wet areas.


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