When winter comes, keeping the body warm is always the top concern of families, especially those with the elderly and young children. Microfiber feather blanket is a great way to keep warm, replacing your heavy, old blankets this winter.


- Product name: Microfiber Feather Blanket

- Main material: 100% cotton cover, microfiber cotton

- Size:  200x220, 200x240

- Color: White

- Warranty: N/A


Microfiber Feather Blanket

Forever feather blanket is made of microfiber cotton microfiber material, capable of keeping warm, quickly warming and preventing maximum heat loss, suitable for use in cold weather. All cotton is sterilized, free from impurities and Poly, thereby extremely safe and friendly to health.

The blanket is quilted in 3 layers using modern computerized quilting techniques, forming embossed portions on the surface to keep the cotton always fixed, not accumulated or clumped after many uses.

Price List of MICROFIBER Feather Blanket

Product Size Price (vnđ)

Microfiber Feather Blanket

2m x 2m2 3.590.000
2m x 2m4 3.990.000

Products are currently put up for sale throughout the Forever Bedding system. For the nearest store where the product is available, please call the hotline 0972.125.125 for fastest support!

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